A new thriller with seriously mixed reviews is climbing up Netflix’s streaming chart

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Belgian thriller Noise has been creeping up Netflix’s streaming chart since its release. Currently, the Steffen Geypens-directed movie is sitting in the number three spot in the top 10 films list worldwide.

Noise centers around Matt (Ward Kerremans), an influencer and new father, who discovers a dark secret from his father’s past. As he begins to investigate more about what’s going on, Matt discovers plenty of family drama as he slips deeper into the past. His wife Liv (Sallie Harmsen) is determined to pull him back, but it seems she might already be too late.

Despite its popularity on the streamer, many viewers have been less than convinced by its premise. "A movie that takes you down the yellow brick road, but that's all it does," one wrote on Rotten Tomatoes. "You never get anything solid back. A movie with so much potential, yet all the breadcrumbs lead you to a lackluster ending. More questions than answers."

Another agreed, adding: "If you base a movie around the premise of an annoying baby crying, your audience will also slowly lose their minds." While a third wrote: "The description of the movie was very misleading. I was expecting some legitimate deep dark family secrets to be revealed."

Some reviews have been more positive, including Decider’s Marshall Shaffer writing: "Admittedly, Noise begins to fall apart as it begins to pull the rug out from under the audience in its final act. But even through it all, the craftsmanship of director Steffen Geypens shines."

On Rotten Tomatoes, one viewer concluded: "The characters develop well, and the actors deliver a good performance. For me, Noise is an above-average entertainment film that seems a bit long-winded in some places."

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