No, PlayStation has not leaked its own God of War PC announcement

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God of War (opens in new tab) fans think they've found evidence of Sony Santa Monica's game coming to PC, but a quick five minutes of research reveals that the "leak" is as mythical as the Greek demigod himself. 

The rumours surfaced (via Reddit (opens in new tab)) after fans discovered that the "Only on PlayStation" badge had seemingly gone missing from God of War's website, suggesting the 2018 PS4 exclusive would soon be arriving to PC alongside the likes of Death Stranding (opens in new tab) and Horizon Zero Dawn (opens in new tab).

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But a quick trip down the site's memory lane using the Wayback Machine (opens in new tab), which lets you explore previous iterations of the same page, reveals that the "Only on PlayStation" badge has inconsistently featured on the homepage over the last few years, even before Sony's revealed intentions to start porting more of its exclusive games to PC. 

Indeed, while both Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding run on Guerrilla Games' Decima Engine, God of War operates under Sony Santa Monica's own propriety tech, which has not yet been used with any other title, let alone a PC game. 

And though PlayStation Worldwide Studio head Herman Hulst has confirmed PlayStation's more open-minded approach to the PC scene, he recently stressed in an interview that this "doesn’t necessarily mean that every [PS4 and PS5 (opens in new tab)] game now will come to PC."

In better news, a God of War sequel (opens in new tab) has all but been confirmed by recent job listings, so there's still plenty to get excited about when it comes to Sony Santa Monica's world of mortals and deities. 

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