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No one buying $1 million Sarah Palin-signed Xbox 360

One man's trash is another man's treasure. But this man's treasure... well, let's just say people aren't lining up to buy it. An Ebay user trying to sell a Sarah Palin-autographed Xbox 360 has been unable to find any takers.

Then again, that's probably because the starting bid is $1.1 million. The auction has been relisted numerous times ever since December of 2009.

The man's name is David Morrill. A couple years ago, he drove more than 2100 miles for the opportunity to meet Sarah Palin in person. Commuting all the way from Alberta, Canada to Wasilla, Alaska, he wanted the trip to be memorable.

So he brought along something to be autographed that no one had ever brought before - an Xbox 360. At the time, Palin said it was the most extravagant thing anyone had asked her to autograph.

Putting it up for auction at $1 million once, to get noticed, is one thing. Or if he gave a "Make Offer" option, we could understand seeing people jockey for the ability to own such a unique Xbox. But based on his continued relisting of the item and inflexibility with the price, and the fact that he's required people to verify every bid, we're led to believe this guy actually thinks he can get over a million dollars for this. Now that's baffling.

We'll expect to see the pigs from Angry Birds start flying outside our window if this thing actually sells for what Morrill is asking. Want to prove us wrong? Then head over to the auction and bid now. Kill a moose while you're at it.

Jan 13, 2011

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