No Man's Sky has a super-easy item duping exploit right now

If you had a way to duplicate your rare resources in No Man's Sky, you'd literally have a shortcut to the center of the Universe. No more worries about farming up warp cells and the like, you could just plot a course and go. Obviously that would subvert the game's whole "scrappy, resourceful space survivor" thing, but if you don't care about that and just want to get harvesting, Eurogamer has spotted an extremely easy item-duping exploit.

The short version is this: if you get killed in your spaceship, then reload to a point before you were killed, you can still collect the full ship inventory off your "Grave". The easiest way to do this is to pop out of your ship at a station (which cues an autosave), climb back in and blast off into space, then pick a fight with a freighter guarded by sentinels or some beefy space pirates. After you die, reload your save from the space station. Make sure you have enough room in your ship inventory and then head out to harvest your corpse-fresh items.

This is great for exponentially multiplying limited resources and (minor spoiler) it will also let you seriously short circuit one of the game's endings. Just like that person who got the game days before it officially came out.

Since a long, meandering journey is my primary interest in No Man's Sky I'll probably avoid this particular exploit. But if you hate gathering resources or are just in a big hurry, you could give it a try. Before Hello Games puts out an update to fix it and add in base building and maybe more creepy animals, I mean.

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