No Man's Sky players have already found some weird and beautiful things

No two planets or creatures in No Man's Sky are quite the same. Thanks to the game's procedural generation and massive universe, it's highly unlikely that a player will experience the same eye candy as another. And since this means that everyone's journey to the galaxy is filled with their own special snowflakes, players are already posting screenshots and video of the best, the most beautiful, and the weirdest sights they've seen.

Take Reddit user soundn3ko's "deer with a phallic tongue face," for example:

Also from Reddit, user octopusslayer has discovered a frilled ground worm… thing. It's screaming.

It's not all horrifying nightmares though. Over on Twitter, rsbrowndog has discovered something at least kind of cute. Lookit his widdle back tentacles!

And Reddit user vvintaa has found what might be the closest thing No Man's Sky has to a Pokemon.

But then of course, Twitter user Ondores_Lies reminds us that the universe is a cold and unfeeling void, and you'll probably encounter some form of walking phobia as you explore.

As for the scenery, you don't need to even leave your starting planet to find something beautiful. Here're five of my personal favorites from a Reddit megathread:

Whether No Man's Sky is or isn't the game you imagined, I think we can all agree it's got people sharing some great stuff. What have you found? Share in the comments! And if you've seen something newsworthy, let us know at!

Sam Prell

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