Nioh 2 release window revealed in a leaked trailer: look for it in early 2020

A new Nioh 2 video finally gives it an official release window: you can look forward to the Souls-inspired action returning to PS4 in early 2020. The silence may have ended a little earlier than Team Ninja and PlayStation intended. The video revealing the date only briefly surfaced on the official US PlayStation page before it was pulled offline, but it was up long enough for other accounts to start hosting the video (via Polygon).

The trailer's dialogue is in Japanese, but you don't need to speak the language to appreciate facing a bull-spider thing or a giant sexy cat demon in one-on-one combat. Nioh 2 has something new to prove after FromSoftware wowed souls fans with Sekiro, its own Japanese mythology inspired samurai action game, earlier this year. It looks like Team Ninja is up to the challenge.

If you're new to the franchise, here's what we thought of the first entry in our original Nioh review from 2017:

"But for all the ways Nioh falls short of the series it's so closely imitating, it's still rife with moments of personal glory, where you can almost feel your skills evolving in real time. After you've got to grips with the minutiae of the overly complex combat, you'll be busting out flashy combos worthy of a true samurai, and easily slaying enemies that used to make you cower in fear. Every time you read the words 'Freed from this mortal coil' - Nioh's version of 'You died' - it just makes it all the sweeter when you finally break through what formerly felt like a brick wall of difficulty. For those seeking to test their action RPG skills, Nioh is a worthwhile challenge just waiting to be overcome."

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