Nintendo Switch to have paid online system, free until Fall 2017

At Nintendo's Switch reveal event today, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima revealed that its new console/handheld will feature a paid online system - a first for a Nintendo platform.

No details on what exactly that online system will entail, whether Miiverse will be a part of this, or how similar it will be to rival platforms PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live, but all Nintendo Switch users will be able to access the online infrastructure for free until sometime in Fall 2017.

Additional details Kimishima revealed include smartphone connectivity, which allows mobile devices to link to the Switch for various unspecified reasons. Also, the Nintendo Switch will be region free, allowing players from all over the globe to purchase and import games from any country.

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David Roberts
David Roberts lives in Everett, WA with his wife and two kids. He once had to sell his full copy of EarthBound (complete with box and guide) to some dude in Austria for rent money. And no, he doesn't have an amiibo 'problem', thank you very much.