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Nintendo Pokeball Plus is the cheapest we've ever seen, at $42 right now

Nintendo Pokeball Plus is the cheapest we've ever seen, at $42 right now
Nintendo Pokeball Plus is the cheapest we've ever seen, at $42 right now

Searching for a bargain on a new Poke Ball Plus controller, to add that extra layer of realism to Let's Go Pikachu or Eevee? We've found the controller at the cheapest price it has ever been: $41.99 at B&H Photo. No, that isn't necessarily the place you'd look for gaming tech, but the online store stocks a surprising amount of games, consoles and accessories, usually at pretty good prices. While the cost of $42 is only $8 less than the list price, it's a good saving on a Nintendo product that rarely (if ever) sees any kind of discounts. Even with some retailers knocking off a few dollars, you don't see it for less than $45 anywhere (which is the previous lowest price). If you've been waiting to buy one, now is the time.

Nintendo Poke Ball Plus controller | $41.99 (save $8)
It's a neat little saving of 18% on a very cool Nintendo controller. If you love Pokemon (and who doesn't?) this is for you.View Deal

The Poke Ball controller is a perfect accompaniment to Let's Go. You can use it to move your character around, mimic the action of rubbing your Pokemon's belly and, of course, you can pretend to throw it to bag a new Pokemon. There are even lights on the ball that add an extra layer of fan-pleasing joy.

In our review of the little peripheral we said that: "The Poke Ball Plus is a fantastic little controller that has a surprisingly wide variety of uses within the Pokemon universe. It's a must-buy for Pokemon fans keen to feel even more connected to Pokemon Go, and if you're dual wielding Pokemon Go and Let's Go, it gets even more useful. If you have any interest in the Pokemon Universe, you deserve to own this excellent piece of kit." High praise.

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