Nintendo Classic Mini is a "standalone" system and won't get more games

That adorably tiny NES that comes with 30 games will remain with those 30 games for the rest of time, Nintendo has confirmed. the NES Classic Edition system will not be able to connect to the internet to download more games in the future, Virtual Console-style. And no, daydreaming me of 24 hours ago, you can't pop the cartridge lid open and plug in an old-school cart, like with some of those multi-game Sega Genesis numbers. That would be pretty tough since the slot doesn't actually open.

Best not to think of it as a games console; a Nintendo representative told Kotaku that the wee NES is intended as "a standalone device". You can buy an extra controller to play the included two-player games like Balloon Fight and Ice Climber, but that's about it. Amusingly, the $9.99 / £7.99 controllers themselves aren't standalone in that sense - you can also plug them into a Wii Remote and use them to play NES Virtual Console games on Wii and Wii U. Not a bad deal for some extra authenticity.

Assuming the mini-NES sells well after it hits stores on November 11, you might expect Nintendo to follow up with a pint-sized SNES. The Nintendo rep didn't dismiss the idea, saying simply that the company has "nothing to announce at this time". So there's hope for playing Yoshi's Safari with the world's smallest Super Scope yet...

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Connor Sheridan

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