The best Christmas gifts for Nintendo fans

Nintendo Christmas Gifts

It's been a big year for Nintendo and that means that there are plenty of Nintendo gifts for Christmas that you just won't be able to resist buying and then trying not to keep for yourself. From the Nintendo Switch to adorable figures, and even Pokemon nightlights, there's far too many irresistible stocking fillers out there for your family and friends who consider a Cappy hat suitable attire. The good news is that we've gathered them all together in a perfect shopping list. All you'll need to do is hunt them down and wrap them. Wahoo!

Nintendo Switch

If you want to play all the latest Nintendo games you’re going to have to get a Switch. There’s no other way to catch up with Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Super Mario Odyssey, after all. You can opt for a bundle or just buy the Switch on itself in grey or neon, and then dive into everything that the Switch’s eShop has to offer (spoilers: there are tons of great games). 

Buy it US: From $379.99 from Amazon
Buy it UK: From £399.99 from Amazon

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Obviously one of the benefits of having a Switch is that you can play it in a variety of different ways, whether you’re sitting on the toilet, on the bus or on the sofa. But, although the dinky little Joy Cons are great, sometimes you want to feel a little more traditional. That’s where the Pro Controller comes in. It’s still got the motion controls and the excellent HD rumble, but it’ll feel more like an Xbox One or PS4 pad than the alternative.

Buy it US: $69.99 from Amazon
Buy it UK: £59.99 from Amazon

Mario Nendoroid

You’ve played Super Mario Maker on Wii U and 3DS, but there’s something missing from your creations: your very own posable Mario. Well, thanks to the Good Smile Company, you can buy your very own Nendoroid Mario, which comes with different faces so you can be sure he’s ready for every mood. Plus, he’s got a selection of props with which to create your perfect stop-motion Mario montage. 

Buy it US: $49.99 from Amazon
Buy it UK: £49.99 from Amazon

Jigglypuff lamp

Because you can’t always have the dulcet tones of Jigglypuff sing you to sleep every night, you might as well have the luminous glow of a Jigglypuff nightlight to soothe you into sweet dreams. If you ignore the slightly too green eyes, he’s still the little adorable lump of space fairy that you know and love. He’s squishy and child-friendly too. 

Buy it US: $29.99 from GameStop
Buy it UK: £29.99 from Amazon

8BitDo SN30 retro controller

With Nintendo eventually adding Virtual Console titles to the Switch - and not just a selection of NeoGeo titles - you might want to get prepped for the nostalgia. The best way to do that is to get yourself one of the excellent 8bitdo controllers. The SN30 is a modernised SNES pad that’s fully Bluetoothed-up for Switch fun times, but without losing that retro charm. 

Buy it US: $49.99 from Amazon
Buy it UK: £39.99 from Amazon

Super Mario Odyssey Bowser amiibo

If you’re going to buy any amiibo this Christmas, why not make it Bowser in his birthday suit… wait, wedding suit. Wedding. If you’re playing Super Mario Odyssey this Christmas, you’ll find that your spiky enemy of old actually comes in rather handy if you’re looking to 100% the game. Tap him into Odyssey and he’ll highlight clumps of the Kingdom specific currency, letting you gather all that precious money and spend it straight away on new outfits.

Buy it US: $24.99 from Amazon
Buy it UK: £10.99 from the Nintendo Store

Monopoly Gamer

Simply going around landing on London landmarks and collecting rent is getting a bit tired, right? Well, why not try out Monopoly Gamer, which smashes together Super Mario Bros. and classic Monopoly for a twist on the traditional Christmas family argument. Coins replace the normal currency, you get little Mario and co figurines, and get to battle Bowser in a brand new format.

Buy it US: $21.99 from Amazon
Buy it UK: £19.61 from Amazon

Pikachu Christmas jumper

Channel your inner Ash Ketchum by donning this amazing Pikachu Christmas jumper this festive season. It’s not quite the knitted variety, but instead a far more practical sweater. Don’t worry, it’s still adorned with all kinds of festive motives, along with the electric mouse himself, so you can feel Christmassy without sweating out every drop of the booze you’ll inevitably quaff. 

Buy it US: $44.99 from Amazon
Buy it UK: £34.99 from the Nintendo Store

Legend of Zelda Master Sword replica

There’s nothing like feeling you could save the world with just one swing of your foam sword. And this replica of the Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda does just that. It’s not just Link who’s worthy of wielding this blade, you can be too. Who doesn’t want to feel awesome on Christmas morning. You’ve been chosen.

Buy it US/UK: $19.99 from ThinkGeek

Super Mario fridge magnets

Your fridge is basically a blank canvas just waiting to be adorned with your creations. Forget the kids’ crude crayon drawings, ditch the holiday gift shop tat, and prepare to create your masterpiece. With these Super Mario fridge magnets, you’ll forget what you even wanted from inside the chilly realms within, you’ll be too busy making Super Mario levels from scratch. 

Buy it US: $11.99 from Amazon
Buy it UK: £7.99 from Amazon

Playable Ocarina

There’s something almost haunting about the melodies produced by the Ocarina in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, not to mention nostalgic. Thankfully, there’s a way to replicate those sounds without having to dig out your old copy. You can actually buy a playable Ocarina, which comes complete with songbook and carry case so you can toot your nostalgia horn wherever you go. 

Buy it US: $7.99 from Amazon
Buy it UK: £7.99 from Amazon

A subscription to GamesMaster

When all else fails, why not give your loved ones a present that’ll keep giving all year long and keep them up to date with all the latest developments in the gaming world. "How can you do that?” we hear you cry. Well, head on over to MyFavouriteMagazine and sign up for a subscription to GamesMaster, making sure that they’re in the loop for all things Nintendo (and other gaming platforms too). You'll even save up to 40% on the normal monthly cost AND you can pick up a digital version of the magazine as well as the old fashioned paper equivalent. 

Buy it US/UK from MyFavouriteMagazines

Your very own Cappy

Cappy is your new best pal in Super Mario Odyssey. The magical hat gives Mario the ability to capture the innocent souls of new and old enemies alike for a fresh take on Mario’s classic moves. Having your own, slightly less magical, version will really get you in the spirit for playing the game. Go on, try flinging it at the dog or your gran on Christmas day to see if you can possess - sorry, capture - them and take control of their helpless bodies. It’ll make for a fun conversation as you inevitably miss and land it right on the turkey.

Buy it US: $30 from Amazon
Buy it UK: £35.99 from Amazon

Super Mario cube bedside lamp

You won’t be able to get coins, mushrooms or other collectibles out of it, but this Question Mark Block light is just that form of glowing nostalgia you didn’t even know you needed. Let its yellow hue calm even the grumpiest sleeper, or just make sure your games room is totally prepared for your extended Super Mario Odyssey sessions. 

Buy it US: $33.46 from Amazon
Buy it UK: £23.99 from Amazon