Best Super Mario merchandise that'll give you a 1-Up over your mates

Whether you'd be caught dead wearing your own Mario flat cap in the street or not, there's something amazing about having a growing collection of Mario merchandise, especially with the release of Super Mario Odyssey. And there's plenty of it about whether you want to shout your Mario adoration from the rooftops or not. Let's dive down the green pipe, shall we? 

Mario (and Luigi) Nendoroid

The brilliant range of Nendoroid figurines from Good Smile Company also includes a posable Mario. You get different expressions, a couple of enemies and other props with which you can create you very own scene. 

Buy it now US: $49.99 from Amazon
Buy it now UK: £32.54 from Amazon

Also, Luigi's got his own Nendoroid too, because you need the set right?

Buy it now US: $29.95 from Amazon
Buy it now UK: £49.99 from Amazon

Hasbro Monopoly Gamer

Never have Monopoly and Super Mario come together more perfectly than they do in Monopoly Gamer. It replaces money with coins, and gone are the classic iron and top hat in favour of Mario and his pals. Each of the characters, from Mario to Peach, have their own unique powers that you'll use to battle for points and defeat Bowser. You'll still have to buy property and pay rent along the way, but it's definitely a Super Mario twist on the classic Monopoly.

Buy it now UK: £20 on Amazon
Buy it now US: £19.76 on Amazon

Super Mario Build a Level mug

Ever fancied designing your own Super Mario level but don't want to actually buy Super Mario Maker? This mug may be your answer. Show off your blocky creativity at work by having this pride of place on your desk holding your precious hot beverage. 

Buy it now US: $13.91 on Amazon
Buy it now UK: £8.08 from Amazon

Super Mario level builder fridge magnets

Or go one better and adorn your fridge with these Super Mario magnets, making teeny tiny versions of your favourite levels complete with teeny tiny little Mario and Luigi figures to leap across them. Snacking cravings be gone! You'll be too busy making Mario levels on your fridge door to even get to the goodies inside.

Buy it now US: $12.45 on Amazon
Buy it now UK: £5.81 on Amazon

Super Mario Piranha Plant Hand Puppet

Time to scare your pets and small children with this piranha plant hand puppet. It can receded into its little pipe and the pop out with its terrifying (floppy, fabric) teeth. Never have these Mario foes looked so cuddly or downright creepy.

Buy it now US/UK: $19.99/$15.09 on ThinkGeek

Super Mario Mini Question Block Light

You might not be able to tap it on your head to unlock unlimited coins, but it does light up and make all the right noises from the Super Mario franchise, so it's close enough.

Buy it now US: $11.03 on Amazon
Buy it now UK: £9.49 on Amazon

Mario Tanooki soft toy

Who wouldn't want their very own Mario Tanooki sitting on their shelf, or snuggled in your bed? I know I do. I want two in fact. Just look at that little racoon tail and cute ears. He's utterly adorable.

Buy it now US: $15.97 on Amazon
Buy it now UK: £13.99 from the Nintendo Store

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