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The best Legend of Zelda merchandise for everyone who knows the main character is called Link

Perhaps you’ve always been a Legend of Zelda fan, and have fond memories of that horrifying looming moon in Majora’s Mask, or the gentle lull of music in the Ocarina of Time. Or maybe you’ve just entered the series with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and have been bewitched by its vast open lands, mysterious past, and Link, our ever-intriguing silent protagonist. The good news is that no matter how familiar you are with the Legend of Zelda series, there’s a bit of sweet, sweet merchandise for everyone so you can show your allegiance to Link, Zelda, and the world they inhabit. 

The Legend of Zelda Tri-Force light

Sometimes a decent dose of bravery will keep the darkness at bay, and other times a good light will do. This Tri-Force lamp shines a gentle yellow and is perfect for a night light, desk ornament, or simply something cool to put in your gaming den. It also projects the Hyrule Crest onto nearby walls to give surrounding areas that mysterious aura of divinity - plus it just happens to look really cool as well. You could even put it by your front door as a daily reminder to try and be the embodiment of power, wisdom, and courage. 

Buy it US: $35.45 on Amazon
Buy it UK: £18 on Amazon

Fabric wall scroll

Choosing your favourite character from The Legend of Zelda is difficult. There are just so many! But with this massive wall scroll you can have every single one on display. They’re all intertwined in one harmonious portrait, from Ganon to Zelda to Midna. It’s printed on fabric to make it look and feel like you should be hanging it in your very own feast hall too. Judging by the reviews it’s pretty long too, so it’s perfect as the centrepiece of your dining room, bedroom, or entrance hall - just to let everyone know that you’re a fan of The Legend of Zelda, but in a classy way. 

Buy it US: $3.68 on Amazon
Buy it UK: £14.44 on Amazon

Ocarina of Time shield mug

There’s no better morning motivation than drinking your hot beverage of choice out of a Hylian shield mug. It’ll fill you with the same courageous energy that flows through Link’s veins...or that could just be the caffeine. Made of ceramic, there’s no chance of this breaking as it’s fairly thick, just like the real shield in Ocarina of Time. Take it into the office to wow your colleagues with your love of the series, and having it around will make sure you’re ready for an invasion by Ganon, as we’re pretty sure this would make a heavy, deadly weapon given the chance. 

Buy it US: $12 on Amazon
Buy it UK: £10.99 on Amazon

Embossed journey diary

This is genuinely lovely. If you travel around the land as much as Link does in his various adventures, you’re sure to delight in this faux leather journey diary. Inside is a replaceable notepad of plain paper so you can scrawl notes, sketches, or just idle thoughts in without being confined by lines. Hanging from the top are beautiful charms so you can keep your place without having to go flicking through the entire thing. There’s really no excuse not to get it. 

Buy it US: $13.92 on Amazon
Buy it UK: £8.99 on Amazon

Master Sword

No, this isn’t the real thing. No divine energy is harbored in this unassuming weapon, though it looks pretty realistic so you’d be forgiven for thinking it’d turn you into Hyrule’s Champion as soon as you touched it. As it’s plastic this sword isn’t able to slash things in half like you can in the games, but considering how good it looks that’s probably a good thing. Because when you get a grip on it you’re going to want to wave it around recklessly, especially considering it comes with a scabbard. Who doesn’t love pulling swords out of scabbards dramatically? 

Buy it US: $22.18 on Amazon
Buy it UK: £28.92 on Amazon


Yes, this is a real instrument, and yes, you can play it yourself. Seeing the Ocarina on the screen wasn’t enough for fans of Link’s adventures, as now you can feel its weight in your hands and give it a go for yourself. Made of ceramic, it feels just like the real thing and even comes with a songbook so you can practise your skills. Taking it on the go is no problem either, as you can simply pop it in the included Triforce pouch and venture off on new quests. Even though that might just be to nip to the shops for a pint of milk. 

Buy it US: $13.99 on Amazon
Buy it UK: £11.95 on Amazon

Sheikah slate notepad

So far there aren’t any shrines in our world, meaning that we’re not likely to get a real Sheikah slate with a computer chip in it that’ll open doors. Sigh. What we do have, however, is this Sheikah slate notebook. Embossed with designs straight from the game and filled with blank paper, it’s ready for you to fill with notes about upcoming quests. At close to 700g it’s also pleasantly heavy, as we imagine the real stone Sheikah slate must be. If we close our eyes we can almost imagine tapping it to various pedestals and opening mysterious blue doors...almost. 

Buy it US: $25.99 on Amazon
Buy it UK: £18.49 on Amazon

Having an adorable, tiny Link simply isn’t enough. Oh no. This Nendoroid includes our favourite silent pointy-eared protagonist with a bow, quiver, scabbard, sword, and shield, meaning you can pose him to your heart’s content in a variety of combat poses. Although he’s far too cute to be intimidating. We think. Oh, plus he comes with a horse. Relive your adventures through Breath of the Wild with this figurine, or just pose him on your desk so you can look wistfully at him while you’re working and wish you had your Nintendo Switch in your hands. 

Buy it US: $55.77 on Amazon
Buy it UK: £54.64 on Amazon

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