Best Nintendo 2DS XL bundle deals

best Nintendo 2DS XL bundle deals

With the Switch getting a battery-stretching upgrade, and a dockless Switch Lite on the horizon, things are looking good for fans of Nintendo handheld games. But what about the DS, home to some of the best games Nintendo has ever produced? Well, stick around, as right here you'll find some of the the best Nintendo 2DS XL bundles right here.

The best games

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What should you get to go with your new console?

By nabbing one of the best Nintendo 2DS XL bundles, you’re getting access to one of the greatest game libraries on the planet, via the most refined iteration of its hardware (you genuinely won’t miss the 3D) for really not very much money. It will play every 3DS game ever released without a problem, and the ‘New’ 2DS XL gets the additional thumbstick that should have been part of the hardware from the very start.

There’s a wealth of Pokemon, Mario, and Zelda on the system waiting to be explored, either original games or remakes of some of the best in the Nintendo back catalogue. Sadly, as the system matures, 2DS XL bundles are becoming harder to find, however, which is where we come in. We’ve collected together a regularly updated list of the best.

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Best Nintendo 2DS XL bundle

best Nintendo 2DS XL bundle deals


Nintendo's been in the handheld business for a long time, and it shows. The 2DS XL is a superb console with equally great games you can enjoy at home or on the go.  Remember, these prices also update on a daily basis - you're seeing the cheapest bargains available right now.

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