The best Nintendo 2DS XL bundle deals for January 2019

best Nintendo 2DS XL bundle deals

Wait? Why should you buy one of the best Nintendo 2DS XL bundles when Switch is available right now? While most people might think of the Switch when the idea of ‘gaming on the go’ springs to mind, you shouldn't forget the number of critically acclaimed first-partly games currently available for the 2DS line-up of portable consoles. Released back in 2017, the Nintendo 2DS XL is the latest addition to this family, improving upon the original 2DS thanks the introduction of a clamshell design alongside various other handy enhancements. Crucially, it's much cheaper, tougher, and better for younger players.

And where else can you experience one of the greatest games ever made in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in its best incarnation? Not to mention that the 2DS XL and its family of systems currently is the only way to play the latest core Pokémon games in Ultra Sun and Moon. Suddenly, a Nintendo 2DS XL bundle gets much more appealing. And if you thought that Nintendo’s full attention remained solely on Switch, think again, as plenty of fresh titles like Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn and Etrian Odyssey Nexus are scheduled to release on the 2DS XL in 2019. Here are the best 2DS games if you need them.

Those with a yen for special editions also won’t be able to help themselves, with the Nintendo 2DS XL featuring its fair share of exclusive designs including Yellow Pikachu, Green Animal Crossing, and more. You can generally pick up any of these for around £149.99/$149.99 at any time, but we’ve done all the hard work and rounded up the massive deals below. And if you want to go bigger, here are the best Nintendo Switch bundle deals available today.

Why buy a Nintendo 2DS XL?

The Nintendo 2DS XL is ideal for anyone unable to wait for Switch to play catch up to the 3DS family’s pre-existing line-up of first-party titles. It adopts the same clamshell design as the 3DS and the 3DS XL, but adds in improved sound thanks to the addition of stereo speakers, as well as a subtle C-stick for better control, and built-in Amiibo support. Better yet, if you’re looking for the perfect console to get your kids started in gaming, the 2DS XL is extremely affordable and remains durable against frequent drops and bumps. 

Cheapest Nintendo 2DS XL console only deals

US deals

Nintendo 2DS XL with Mario Kart is $149 at Walmart
Here's the console with one of the best games pre-installed (and basically free), for less than $150. That's a decent price.View Deal

Rare Nintendo 2DS XL Pokeball Edition is $196 at Amazon
This limited edition 2DS XL has already started to completely sell out, so if you want to show your love for Pokemon you need to strike and grab this now.View Deal

UK deals

Nintendo 3DS XL with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, Mario + Luigi Paper Jam, and Harvest Moon for £139.99 (save £80)
An amazing bundle from Very, with three of the console's top games basically thrown in for free.View Deal

Nintendo 3DS XL with Tamadochi Life for £134.99 at Argos
Again, you're getting the console here with one of the best games for free. This one has the lilac trim, so it's ideal for kids.View Deal

Nintendo 2DS XL with Mario Kart 7 is £134.99 at Amazon
Almost £15 off the standard console price with a cracking kart racer thrown in for free? You can’t go wrong!View Deal

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