NiGHTS: Old VS New video comparison

As before, you must fly to the right towards him, past his attacks, then break his shield with the power of both children combined. You then have to turn as he moves to the left ready to start again with a differently-themed environmental barrage. We'll admit to being a bit crap at the Wii version at the moment compared to our crazy skills on the original (we know, modesty blah blah - but check out that 2.0 multiplier), but then we have had a decade to practise on that one.

With so many nods to the original, the Wii version is pure fan service. And while it's not quite as magical as the original, the variety and quality (for the most part) mean this is definitely worth a look, even if you're new to the strange little jester chap. Check out the reviewhere.

Above: The design of Wizeman is the same as before - only now he talks in a demonic, slowed-down voice. Ooo, scary

Justin Towell

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