NiGHTS: Old VS New video comparison

Then there's the way the child 'wakes up' if they spend too long by themselves. The new game has ghosts that grab the child and drag them towards dawn - a bit odd, considering ghosts don't appear anywhere else in the game. We much prefer the alarm clock of the original that chases you across the level with an annoying ringing sound.

Look out for the near-identical intro videos complete with the arms-out-running-into-the-light bit. Then, finally, there's the start of the last level. It was ace back then and it's just as ace now - definitely the new game's crowning glory. We've left it till last in this videoso you can stop the player if you don't want to see the final level yet. Aren't we nice?

Now it's onto Wizeman. Are you ready to face the master of nightmares? Spoilerific video of the Saturn's finest hour and some of the best graphics on Wii in the next tab.

Above: The hoops are further apart and the path between them more straightforward in the sequel. The original is superiorin this respect, we reckon.

Justin Towell

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