Nicolas Cage talks Ghost Rider 2

While Mark Steven Johnson’s second crack at the Marvel whip – Ghost Rider – didn’t exact set the critical world alight with glee, the box office figures were healthy enough that rumours of a sequel soon spread.

Now, however, Nicolas Cage seems to know something we don’t. And while was the star of the first film, and would be in a better position to be aware of any follow-ups than the rest of the world, we must stress that, as he himself admits, nothing he says to MTV is official yet.

Still, according to Cage, if the possible sequel does take shape, it’ll likely see Johnny Blaze crossing the ocean to fight evil outside America. “It hasn’t progressed to who the next villain will be yet to be able to say, but I do know it will be shot in Europe and there will be some sort of connection working with different religious figures.”

Would you want to see more Ghost Rider? We have mixed feelings, but if he can find some better villains, it could be fun.

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