Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom gets a difficulty upgrade and 40% off in the Steam Sale

Ni no Kuni 2 is a cluster bomb of adorable that you shouldn't be sleeping on. If you missed out on the adventures of cat-eared King Evan and his gang of higgledy helpers, a price drop and a significant update make now the perfect time to fix your mistake. 

The patch applies to the PlayStation 4 and PC versions of the game, and adds Hard and Expert difficulty modes. Ni no Kuni 2 is definitely one of the gentler JRPGs when it comes to combat, so this update will be a welcome addition for anyone who needs an excuse to stay a little while longer in the magical kingdom of Evermore. The video below gives you some idea of how the new modes change up the action, though if the sea of damage points and colors is too much for your Friday afternoon brain, it looks as though you can expect to take around 50% more damage in Expert. 

If you've been eyeing the game on PC, then allow me to direct you to the best Steam Summer Sale 2018 deals, where the game is currently 40% off and yours for just $35.99. Still not sure you want to stump up the coin? Check out our glowing Ni no Kuni 2 review to find out why it's worth every dollar.  

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Rachel Weber
Managing Editor, US

Rachel Weber is the US Managing Editor of GamesRadar+ and lives in Brooklyn, New York. She joined GamesRadar+ in 2017, revitalizing the news coverage and building new processes and strategies for the US team.