Next wave of PlayStation Network games dated

Three forthcoming games for PS3 that'll be downloadable via PlayStation Network have been slapped with release dates. Reported on semi-official PS3 blog, David 'God of War' Jaffe's Calling all Cars is due to release on May 18, Nucleus on May 25 and Super Stardust HD on June 15. So far these dates have only been confirmed for Europe, so we're still waiting for an official confirmation for those of us in the US.

Calling all Cars features a cartoon-esque visual style and in a nutshell involves you driving around in a car and picking up escaped prisoners and returning them to jail. The snag is that you're not the only driver on this operation and can be up against AI and other players. The game features some crazy power-ups.

Nucleus, meanwhile, is a sort of biological shooter and finds you controlling a, well, nucleus we guess and going head-to-head with bacteria and viruses. Last, but by no means least, Super Stardust HD is a shoot-'em-up where you have to defend planet surfaces from asteroids and various enemies.

April 19, 2007