Next Destiny 2 expansion won’t bring back vaulted planets

Destiny 2
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Destiny 2 director Luke Smith has revealed that the next expansion for the game won't bring back any vaulted content.

The director revealed as much in a recent interview with PC Gamer, on the eve of the Destiny 2: Beyond Light launch. "Each expansion is going to include a brand-new destination," Smith said. Destiny 2's next expansion is called The Witch Queen, so this would appear to confirm a brand new location for the 2021 DLC.

"So The Witch Queen is not going to unvault one," Smith added, referencing the previously-vaulted content in Destiny 2. When Beyond Light launched yesterday, four planets (Io, Titan, Mars, and Mercury) were all removed from the game, with Bungie commenting that it was an effort to rebalance the game and take pressure off the development team.

The Beyond Light expansion has reintroduced the Cosmodrome, a location not seen since the original Destiny. This partially led to speculation that The Witch Queen expansion could follow a similar path, bringing back vaulted content for Destiny 2. Smith's comment have completely dispelled that belief, though.

In the more immediate future of Bungie's game, Destiny 2 gets a dedicated next-gen upgrade for PS5 and Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S next month in December. With Microsoft's next-gen consoles having launched just yesterday, Bungie revealed that Destiny 2's Crucible will run at 120FPS on both PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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