New TV spot for The Master: watch now

The Master has released a new TV spot in which Philip Seymour Hoffman's cult leader claims to have unlocked a powerful truth about the nature of the human race.

The film follows Hoffman and his wife (Amy Adams) as they attempt to spread their "teachings" across '50s America, where the post-war population seem remarkably receptive to their promises of enlightenment.

"I have unlocked a secret," he claims. "The secret to all creation." Quite the claim, you might think, but it's enough to enchant Joaquin Phoenix's ex-navy man, a lonely drifter who falls under Hoffman's wing after a chance encounter brings them together.

Take a look at the new spot, below…

As with the previous trailers, the prevailing theme is one of menace, with Johnny Greenwood's brooding score only adding to the sense of dread. The film looks beautiful as well, with one shot of Phoenix riding a motorbike across a windswept desert being particularly striking.

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, The Master opens in the UK on 9 November 2012. Expect it to become one of the most talked-about films of the year...

George Wales

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