New trailer arrives for Ice Age: Continental Drift

A hilarious new trailer for Ice Age: Continental Drift has been released.

This new trailer shows the adventures of sabre-toothed squirrel Scrat as he searches for his infamous acorn.

The clip begins with a bedraggled looking Scrat floating alone on a small block of ice before arriving at a small island.

Upon arrival he notices his beloved acorn on the sea bed but, under closer inspection, he finds only the shell of an acorn with a map etched inside.

He is then dragged by a fishing wire through the sea and onto a pirate ship, vast enough to rival the Black Pearl, where we are introduced to some interesting looking characters.

Ice Age: Continental Drift
focusses on Manny, Diego and Sid as they are separated from the rest of their group and use an iceberg as a makeshift ship.

Sid becomes reunited with his long lost family, introducing lots of new characters who are determined to stop him from returning back home.

Check out the trailer now:

Jennifer Lopez and Nick Frost join the cast of Ice Age: Continental Drift which is due to be released in 3D in July next year.