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New teaser poster for Prometheus

Prometheus has followed up on yesterday's excellent viral advert for Michael Fassbender's android, David, by releasing a new poster selling the very same "product".

The new one-sheet introduces David 8, the latest and greatest incarnation of Weyland Industries' pioneering artificial intelligence, capable of "almost anything that could possibly be asked of me."

The Weyland Industries website has also been updated to demonstrate eight of the different emotions David is capable of. His take on "joy" is particularly disturbing...

Even in a still like this poster, Fassbender has managed to capture the slightly awkward, mechanical stance of a robot, reminding us that while he might look human, he isn't one.

At last week's Q & A following the first official footage reveal , Fassbender revealed that he had spent hours studying the posture of former Olympic diver Greg Louganis, in order to try and capture his almost preternatural sense of poise and bearing.

He also revealed that David will provide much of the humour in the movie, with his childlike curiosity getting on the nerves of some of the other crew-members. That being said, he's still giving us the creeps a bit here…

Prometheus opens in the UK on 1 June 2012.

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