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New Star Wars Force Unleashed details and screens

Nov 2, 2007

Although very few solid facts are known about the game, Star Wars: TheForced Unleashed promises so much, and new info has started to trickle from the Jedi camp at LucasArts.

Some of the locationsfeatured in the game have been revealed. At one point you visit a TIE Fighter Construction Facility "sent [there] by Lord Vader to eliminate Master Kota, a fugitive Jedi General who has taken over the station with a band of his loyal followers".

Later you visit the wookie homeworld of Kashyyyk, where Vader launches a huge attack for a "pivotal" part of the game.

The planet Felucia is where you're sent "in search of Shaak Ti", and you'll also find yourself in the interstellar dumping planet of Raxus Prime, in search of a reclusive Jedi droid maker.

New details for Proxy the droid have also been revealed. According to LucasArts: "Proxy is a prototype holodroid who has been the Apprentice's constant companion for many years. Although Proxy's origins are unknown, the droid is a one-of-a-kind unit capable of using advanced hologram technology and built-in servos to alter his appearance, becoming virtually anyone." Cool.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is set between Episode III and Episode IV in the movie series and sticks you in the shoes of Darth Vader's apprentice, aiding the Dark Lord of the Sith in ridding the universe of Jedi. LucasArts has spoken of a branching storyline, explaining that "Decisions made by players throughout the game will determine the path of the story, including multiple endings that will rock Star Wars continuity as they know it."

You can see tons of new location art and more info on the characters of the game on the newly-updatedofficial site.

And you really should check out the cool trailershere.

Courtesy of CVG