New Resistance screens bring a friend

Wednesday 27 September 2006
The latest screens from PS3 shooter Resistance: Fall of Man reveal the heroic cameo role a second player can take in the main game - check the images tab above for the action snaps.

In single-player, lead Nathan Hale is the only survivor of his US platoon after their counterattack on an alien-occupied UK goes wrong. But play in co-op, and the second player assumes the role of a more durable Yankee soldier who can accompany Hale throughout his journey, rather than going down in a hail of gunfire in the early levels.

Above: With two sets of Resistance's weird weapons to hand, co-op opens new strategies

Then again, you might both be going down in a hail of gunfire every now and again - and while a killed player will eventually respawn, the other player has the chance to make a dash to their downed companion and revive him on the spot.