New PUBG map Taego announced for July

(Image credit: PUBG Corp)

PUBG is getting a new map next month and it's returning to larger sizes of the game's early days. 

The new map is called Taego and it will be eighth added to the game. Previously referred to as Codename: Tiger, it sees the return of 8x8 sq km maps and will be launching on July 7 on PC. Consoles will see it landing on July 15. 

This is the first map in three years that supports this larger scale, which hasn't been seen since the desert-themed Miramar map launched. Since then, the game has mostly added smaller maps. Fans have been wishing for a return to the pace and scale of the first maps and it seems they are being rewarded. 

In a teaser trailer, we get a brief look at the layout which seems to consist of a smaller island just off the coast of a larger landmass. Taego will be set in Korea, paying homage to the game's parent company. 

The new map is likely to please older fans of the PUBG formula, which has become more focused on quicker and faster gameplay as it's evolved. With the smaller maps, players are meant to meet more often and be in more firefights. That has seen the game move farther away from the slower pace that made it famous. With the constant firefights, PUBG lost a little bit of the terror that came in the quieter periods of downtime during matches. 

This refocus to larger maps isn't a one-off either. The developers have already announced Codename: Kiki which is another 8x8 map coming after Taego. No specific release date has been revealed, but it is currently expected to arrive in late 2021 or early 2022. 

There are also several games headed by PUBG Corp. One announced title is The Callisto Protocol, a horror game from the makers of Dead Space that is supposedly PUBG-related. However, there have also been job listings hinting at another unannounced title from the developer that is said to be a sci-fi shooter with monsters and mechs.

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