PUBG: Battlegrounds' Update 21.2 - here's what's new

Update 21.2
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PUBG Battlegrounds developer Krafton has unveiled what's new in PUBG: Battlegrounds' upcoming 21.2 update.

The patch - which rolls out on PC on January 17 and on console on January 25 - focuses primarily on map changes, most of which aim to improve traversal across, and around, the battle royale's selection of maps.

Sanhok has had a gentle reworking, with sand added around some rock outcrops in the sea and the water area around Ruins has been "made deeper for players to swim across". A bunch of new bridges have also been added to make it easier to escape the storm, too. You'll also find that ascender attachments now appear in your starting items, and new ascender attachments have been added to Cave and rock mountains to help you get around.

But it's Vikendi that's had the most tweaking, with Multidrops "set to arrive" alongside repair kits, which enable you to fix your vehicle, helmet, or armor, depending upon which one you find. There are also Secret Rooms to find across Vikendi too, where "players who obtain a Security Key and open the rooms will be rewarded with various high-tier items". Oh, and did we mention the weather?

"Mother Nature is back wreaking havoc upon Vikendi once again," Krafton teases. "With the 21.2 Update, players may find themselves face-to-face with the Blizzard Zone. Once players enter the Blizzard Zone they will find themselves moving slower, receiving consistent damage per second, hindered sight and sound, and vehicles will be harder to maneuver."

Krafton recently announced its "begun active development" on a new project based upon the Korean fantasy novel, The Bird That Drinks Tears.

A novel series created and written by Yeong-do Lee, The Bird That Drinks Tears game will be "a whole new experience" based upon Lee's "elaborate worlds" and "complex characters".

"This ambitious project aims to bring the original fantasy universe of The Bird That Drinks Tears to life through its unique and refreshing fantasy races, beautiful, haunting landscapes, and gripping, immersive, and poignant stories," Krafton explains on the game's newly-launched website.

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