The Callisto Protocol creator Glen Schofield explains how his new game is part of the PUBG universe

The Callisto Protocol
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Striking Distance CEO Glen Schofield has revealed more about how The Callisto Protocol, its next-gen survival horror game set on Jupiter's moon 300 years in the future, is part of the PUBG universe.

Speaking to GamesRadar+, Schofield explained that "there's something a little deeper to" The Callisto Protocol's connection with the popular battle royale beyond Striking Distance's status as a studio established by PUBG Corp last year.

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"We're part of helping PUBG Corp as a team of writers working on the lore of PUBG, and the universe," continued Schofield. "They have a timeline and we fit on that timeline now."

"The Callisto Protocol's connection with PUBG is not gonna be really deep but there will be little connections here and there, and we'll probably be referencing one another from time to time, but it'll make more sense once the game comes out."

Revealed at last week's The Game Awards, The Callisto Project is set to launch for PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC sometime in 2022. Given Schofield's background as one the key creatives involved in the Dead Space series, you can understand why many are excited about his return to the world of survival horror.

You'll be able to read our full interview with Schofield early next year, which dives deep into how The Callisto Protocol first came about. 

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