New poster for The Woman In Black

A new international poster has been released for The Woman In Black playing up the “What did they see?” question posed by the film’s viral marketing campaign.

The new one-sheet shows Daniel Radcliffe’s Arthur Kipps looking distinctly haggard, as a multitude of macabre images hover around him. Most of those are ones that we’ve seen before, but collected together the effect is nicely disconcerting.

The film will see Radcliffe play a lawyer who travels to a remote village in order to sort out the affairs of a recently deceased client. However, when he arrives at Eel Marsh House, he soon finds there’s rather more to disentangle than who gets the fine bone china.

From the multitude of trailers that have recently been released, it looks as though this could be a genuinely frightening ghost story, full of the traditional trappings of the haunted house genre.

As Radcliffe himself explains, “if I wasn’t in it myself, I’d probably be too scared to see it.” We’ll see just how frightening the finished article is, when the film arrives in UK cinemas on 10 February 2012.

George Wales

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