New poster for Oz: The Great And Powerful

Sam Raimi’s Oz: The Great And Powerful has released an enchanting new poster, featuring everyone’s favourite villainess, the Wicked Witch of the West.

Going in this new movie by her less formal name, Theodora, the witch can be seen taking a stroll through what looks to be a haunted forest. That tree-stump looks a bit spooky, anyway…

The film will see James Franco star as Oscar Diggs, a small-time magician with some questionable ethics, who longs for the acclaim and hero-worship that has thus far eluded him in Kansas.

When a terrible storm sends him hurtling into the weird and wonderful land of Oz, the locals hail him as a great sorcerer, and everything seems to have come up roses. That is until a trio of witches get wind of developments and set about attempting to expose his ruse.

Starring Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams and Rachel Weisz as the fearsome witches, and Zach Braff as Franco’s underappreciated assistant, Oz: The Great And Powerful opens in the UK on 8 March 2013. You can take a look at the new poster, below…

George Wales

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