New Matrix 4 footage now online – first full trailer coming very soon

This piece has been updated to confirm new information. The first footage from The Matrix 4 has found its way online – and a new full-length trailer is due this week.

A new teaser shows two pills – one red, one blue – morphing into the movie's iconic green text falling down. Then, words appear confirming that the first full-length trailer will be online this Thursday, September 9. Watch the teaser above.

Over on a Matrix website titled "Choose Your Reality", you are given the choice of the two pills. Clicking both gives different results – in fact, there are apparently 180,000 versions of the teaser available, depending on what time you are in. 

For me, when I clicked the red pill, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II's new character began talking and there was footage of him being seemingly torn apart by some futuristic-looking machine (see the picture above). After clicking the blue pill, franchise newcomer Neil Patrick Harris started talking.

We already know, thanks to footage shown behind closed doors at CinemaCon, that, at some stage in the movie, Abdul-Mateen II's character will offer Neo the choice between a red and a blue pill, reminiscent of that famous scene with Morpheus from the first movie. That footage also revealed that Neo – played by returning Keanu Reeves – will be in therapy with Harris, the pair discussing Neo's dreams which are, in fact, his memories of the events of the previous three movies.

Marketing for The Matrix 4 – officially titled The Matrix Resurrections – is ramping up with the movie reaching cinemas and HBO Max on December 22. While we wait, be sure to check out our guide to the most exciting upcoming movies heading our way soon.

Jack Shepherd
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