New Marvel IP game rumored to be in development according to industry insider

Marvel's Spider-Man
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A first-party Marvel game may be in development, according to a new rumour. 

Insider @Tidux on Twitter - who previously revealed PS5 related rumors as well as Fallout 4’s release date - suggests that Marvel may be working with a developer on a new first-party game. However, it is currently not confirmed whether the cryptic tweet from the insider is hinting at a first-party or single-player game. 

Tidux's tweet reads: "If this is true the internet will melt. Insane rumor from multiple sources. Marvel IP - 1P." Other than that somewhat vague tweet, however, we don’t have much else to go off, so for now, it’s wise to take this rumor with a hefty grain of salt. 

Tidux didn't confirm which Marvel IP or which studio will be involved in the project, but speculation has already started surrounding both Sony and Square Enix due to the fact that both companies have released games based on Marvel properties through their first-party studios.

In Sony’s case, PlayStation-owned studio Insomniac previously developed Marvel’s Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales. In Square Enix’s case, the publisher has its Canada-based studio Eidos-Montréal working on the upcoming Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and previously had Crystal Dynamics working on Marvel’s Avengers.

In response to Tidux’s tweet, many other Marvel and PlayStation fans have begun speculating about what this Marvel IP project could be. PlayStation first-party studio Naughty Dog even got a mention following co-president of the studio Neil Druckmann’s comment about wanting to work on a Punisher game

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