New Lego sports video games are reportedly on the way, starting with soccer this year

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga
(Image credit: TT Games)

A new Lego soccer game is coming from 2K Games, according to a recent report.

Word of the new project between Lego and 2K was first shared by VGC. While neither of the two companies have confirmed their reported partnership yet, the Lego soccer game is purportedly planned to arrive in time for the FIFA World Cup in November and December this year. The report states that the Lego and 2K sports collaboration will also include an open-world racing game planned for 2023, as well as a third game based on a major sports franchise.

According to the report, the new sports titles could capitalize on Lego's broad gamut of licensed products to bring in guest characters from other franchises, including Marvel, DC, and Harry Potter. The games are reportedly being put forward as a way for 2K to expand its sports games market for younger consumers, and as a way for Lego to broaden its presence in the video game medium.

The purported developer for the soccer game is Sackboy's Big Adventure studio Sumo Digital. Notably absent from the deal is TT Games, Lego's long-time collaborator in the video games space. Also included in the report is word that Lego is apparently planning not to renew its long-time exclusive agreement for Lego console games with the developer; while TT Games may continue to make more projects like the upcoming Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, it sounds like it will not be the sole purveyor of them for much longer.

Lego is also doing more video-game related building kits, with the Horizon Forbidden West Lego set rendering Aloy and a tallneck in delightfully blocky form. 

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