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New LA Noire shots sleuth their way into sight... and make us want to watch The Usual Suspects

La Noire has us as excited as a celebrity stalker who’s just had their restraining order rescinded. That’s why our eye holes are positively brimming with happiness at seeing Rockstar’s latest batch of sleuthing screenshots.

Above: There's been a murrrrrrrderrrrrr. Admittedly, you'll only get this 'joke' if you've seenTaggart

Above: Nothing to see here... ooh, except loads of mutilated body parts

Above: Hmmm, we'd say Johnny Yellow Bits on his Jacket is the killer. That's the flamboyant dress sense of a serial murderer if ever we've seen it

Above: Forget about the unsolved crimes, there's strutting to be done

If the above screenshave got your inner Dick all excited (insert childish laughter), then why not read ourLA Noire preview?

Dec 7, 2010