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New info on next Mass Effect DLC

BioWare CEO Ray Muzyka says that the developer has major plans for the next batch of download content for Mass Effect. Trouble is don't expect to see the second wave any time soon.

"We have big plans for post-release content with the franchise for both Xbox 360 and PC," Muzyka said when we caught up with him recently. "We haven't released any details on that yet, but it's something we want to actively support."

When questioned about release timings for the DLC that would follow Bring Down the Sky, he continued, "You know, it's all about the quality. So we want to make sure it's a really great experience; and we also want to do different things, we like experimenting and trying different things for post-release content."

So essentially it'll be out when it's done.

Muzyka went on to explain that BioWare has plans for DLC across the board, including topping the updates it released for Neverwinter Nights with new content for its in-development role-playing game Dragon Age.

"We did a lot of post-release content with Neverwinter Nights, we're planning to do more on Dragon Age in the future as well and Mass Effect and other products we have in development," he said.

"We just want to make sure we're satisfying what the fans want first, so often it's good to get their feedback and say, 'What kinds of things would really be exciting to you?' and how can we put those in the game."

We're sure the fans would like a possible release date too.

Courtesy of CVG.

Apr 30, 2008