New image of Captain America in The Avengers


Entertainment Weekly have revealed a new image of Chris Evans' Captain America ( sans helmet) in The Avengers , and he's looking a little the worse for wear (that's a nasty graze on his shoulder).

Steve Rogers (AKA Cappy) has possibly the biggest challenge of the entire superhero team, as not only does he have to help fight off the world-endangering threat, but he also has to adjust to 21st Century life (having been frozen since the '40s).

Director Joss Whedon also explained to EW that Rogers would be the eyes through which the audience sees the movie:

"So much of [The Avengers] story takes place from Steve Rogers’ perspective, since he’s the guy who just woke up and sees this weird-ass world”

“Everyone else has been living in it. He’s the guy that feels that sense of loss.”

Here's the image in full:

The Avengers opens on 27 April 2012, which is scarily close now.

Matt Maytum
Editor, Total Film

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