New Halo Infinite map footage leaks online

Halo Infinite
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A new Halo Infinite multiplayer map has seemingly leaked online.

Just below, you can check out a brief tour of a supposedly-leaked map from Halo Infinite's multiplayer component. In the video itself, the user takes a tour of the map using a free-roaming camera, viewing a rocket taking off into orbit, a shattered moon hanging above the map itself, and a Sabre hanger facility.

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It turns out that this is actually video footage of a map that was previously leaked for Halo Infinite earlier this month. The map in question, which surfaced in files relating to the past technical preview session for 343's forthcoming game, showed the Sabre spaceship getting ready for take-off, so it would appear this video footage is a full tour of the previously-leaked map.

Just earlier this year in June, before the technical test had even gone live, 343 revealed the names and descriptions of a slate of multiplayer maps for Halo Infinite. There were five new maps revealed in all, called Behemoth, Fragmentation, Recharge, Live Fire, and Bazaar, but none of these maps featured a Sabre spaceship, hence how we know this new map hasn't been previously revealed by the developer.

There shouldn't be long now until Halo Infinite is finally here. Xbox's big exclusive is still slated for launch at an unspecified point later this year, but it'll be coming to Xbox Game Pass through PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S when it does launch.

For more on the recent test phase, head over to our 12 details you might have missed from Halo Infinite's beta guide for more.

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