New Halloween Kills footage debuts at CinemaCon – and shows Laurie trying to remove Michael's mask

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Halloween Kills debuted a new trailer at CinemaCon, and it features Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode attempting to unmask Michael Myers.

While not all of the footage seems to be new, it still sets up a terrifying ride. According to Screen Rant (opens in new tab), the trailer begins with a pumpkin and children playing. When a woman asks them, "Hey, what are you guys doing out here? Are you alone?" one of the kids answers: "There's a creepy man in a white mask, and he's trying to play hide and seek with us." The woman sees Michael, who jumps on the roof of a van and attacks its passengers. Someone else tries to shoot him, but her gun is empty.

The trailer then cuts to the house fire from the end of 2018's Halloween, and the police question the Strodes. One of the officers says Michael is alive, and a voiceover from Laurie says: "40 years ago, the boogeyman came for us. We are the survivors of Michael Myers." The trailer shows survivors from other Halloween films, with Anthony Michael Hall's Tommy among them.

Then come even more intense scenes: Andi Matichak's Allyson tries to take on Michael but loses, and Judy Greer's Karen shouts "You wanna fucking kill someone? Take me!" Laurie is then seen with a bloodied knife in hospital, and says: "I wanna take his mask off and see the life leave his eyes." The trailer ends with Laurie trying to unmask Michael.

The cast and filmmakers of Halloween Kills recently spoke to our sister publication Total Film about the movie, with Curtis describing the sequel as "intense and brutal. Just brutal."

"There's an incredible amount of killing in this movie," Danny McBride, the film's co-writer, added. "It's so bloody. It's wild. [Director] David [Gordon Green] just went for it. This is such a vicious sequel. It's relentless."

Halloween Kills arrives this October 15. Until then, check out our roundup of all of 2021's upcoming movie release dates.

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