New Far Cry 6 trailer is two minutes of Giancarlo Esposito taunting you

The latest suite of Far Cry 6 trailers stars actor Giancarlo Esposito, who plays the villainous dictator Antón Castillo, and they're a fun preview of Esposito's performance. 

"I'm preparing to bring you my most monstrous villain yet," Esposito says. "Far Cry is known for its larger-than-life villains," he adds later on, dropping from a smile into a perfect sour, deadpan look with ease. "This is a legacy I intend to honor." 

Another trailer shows Esposito inspecting a rebel-made flamethrower, which will surely get a lot of use in our chaotic trek through Yara. His evaluation is… unfavorable. "That's an excellent piece of equipment if you're looking for a battle with an unfinished crème brûlée," he says. 

We really get a sense of Esposito's experience and Castillo's character in two additional trailers answering fan mail and offering "real (not fake) gameplay tips)". The actor confirms that players can, of course, pet the disabled battle dog Chorizo, and maintains that Antón is a biological guardian to Danny, the young boy featured in previous trailers. 

He also encourages players to try some innovative strategies in Far Cry 6, such as turning in your weapons, leaving your lethal animal allies at base so they don't get harmed or lost in combat (honestly, we were considering this already), and aiming rocket launchers at your allies for a laugh. Esposito is mighty convincing, so who are we to say no? 

The newly revealed Far Cry 6 roadmap confirms new operations, a Danny Trejo appearance, and a Stranger Things crossover. 

Austin Wood

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