New Falcon and The Winter Soldier images give us a closer look at what’s next after WandaVision

Falcon and The Winter Soldier
(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Marvel has released a handful of new The Falcon and The Winter Soldier images showcasing everything from Bucky and Sam's action-fueled team-up to the latter’s continued anguish over being the next person in line to wield Captain America’s shield.

The opening pair of images from the six-episode series will do little to dispel fan theories that Sam (Anthony Mackie) is suiting up for Steve Rogers’ funeral. The black suit combined with Falcon getting to grips with the shield hints at more than just a passing of the torch in the opening moments of the second Marvel Studios TV show.

Elsewhere, many of the new Falcon and The Winter Soldier images dive into scenes or setups already established in the two trailers released so far.

One shot on the coast could also be hinting at how we end up getting to Sam and Bucky’s field trip to Madripoor. The fictional coastal principality has already been revealed in the recent Super Bowl trailer, though it’s not yet known why the pair embark on an overseas mission to a location best known to X-Men fans above all else.

The throughline for the majority of these images, though, is just how much Sam and Bucky will be spending time together. After WandaVision’s romance seemingly fell apart at the seams, we can’t wait to see how Marvel handles this burgeoning bromance.

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The Falcon and The Winter Soldier premieres on Disney Plus on March 19. In the meantime, fill out your watchlist with the best shows on Disney Plus.

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