New Detective Pikachu trailer includes the Lickitung of your nightmares

Pokemon Detective Pikachu is bringing lifelike pocket monsters to the world on May 10, and Warner Bros. has given us another glimpse of this live-action adventure in the "Big" trailer above (I have no idea why it's called that). The 30-second teaser is essentially a condensed version of the big reveal trailer we got back in November, but it does include a few highly realistic CG versions of Pokemon that weren't shown previously.

The most obvious - and potentially nightmare inducing - debut is a Linkitung, as it unfurls its colossal mouth organ onto what appears to be the floor of a city bus. Yuck. But there's also a brief glimpse of a furry Growlithe in the background of the snippet where Pikachu spits out his drink all over the coffee bar. The rest of the trailer is mostly callbacks to scenes we saw before: goofy charades with Mr. Mime, sweeping shots of Ryme City, and a Charizard apparently wanting to devour Pikachu. We also get Pikachu mistaking Spanish for French, the ol' rascal. 

If you're not yet caught up in the hype surrounding Pokemon Detective Pikachu, you should know that the film is getting its own trading cards and plushies, and that Detective Pikachu 2 is already in the works despite the first one not even being out yet. Pokemon Detective Pikachu stars Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu and Justice Smith as his human companion, and will be in theaters May 10. Once you've seen it, it's likely that you will either desperately want a real-life Pokemon of your own, or you'll never want to see another lifelike Pokemon for as long as you live. Personally, I'd partner up with Mr. Mime any day.

Bill Nighy also appears in Pokemon Detective Pikachu, and he's had to learn a lot about Pokemon along the way. 

Lucas Sullivan

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