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New clip lands from Dumb & Dumber To: watch now

A new clip has arrived online from Dumb & Dumber To , whetting the appetite for round two of the seminal gross-out comedy.

Peter and Bobby Farrelly had previously promised a raft of eyebrow-raising cameos in the new film, and this latest clip delivers on that in spades.

We won't spoil the surprise, suffice to say that the mystery guest is a Farrelly Bros. alumnus with a track record in scene-stealing cameos…

Take a look at the new clip, below…

As cameos go, that's some high-wattage star power right there! Apparently there are a few more to look forward to, although Jennifer Lawrence's appearance has reportedly failed to make it out of the cutting room. Shame.

Directed by the Farrellys and co-starring Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels and Rob Riggle, Dumb & Dumber To will open in the UK on 19 December 2014.