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New Christmas Carol trailer online

The new trailer for Robert Zemeckis' performance captured version of A Christmas Carol is now online and you can see it below.

This latest promo doesn't boast a load of new footage, though we do get proper glimpses of the three ghosts and little looks at other moments in the movie - but then, it's really trying to set up the atmosphere more than anything.

After all, it's tough to spoil a story that has been out since 1843...

Still, it looks like Disney is pulling out all the stops to promote this sucker and has partnered up with the city of London and its various authorities to organize a mega event.

Not only will the film premiere at three of the big cinemas in Leicester Square on a single night (3rd November), but the Christmas lights in Oxford and Regent Streets will be turned on simultaneously for the first time ever.

And through the festive period, until January 5 a series of concerts and other happenings will keep the Christmas spirit going, including a world record attempt at carol singing.

But for now, we've just got the trailer, so take a look below and let us know your thoughts...