New character posters for The Avengers

The Avengers has released four new posters, giving the spotlight to Black Widow, Iron Man and Captain America respectively.

The new one-sheets are in the same vein as the previously released ensemble poster , with Iron Man’s individual profile the exact same image as was used in that group shot. Likewise, we've seen those shots of Hawkeye and Hulk on the main poster.

The other two are new however, with Scarlett Johansson striding purposefully towards the camera and Chris Evans bracing himself for battle.

Just who he’ll be battling still remains a mystery after Joss Whedon ruled out an appearance by either the Skrulls or the Kree earlier in the week. Will we see another appearance from the Frost Giants? They are Loki’s native people after all…

All will be revealed in just over a month when the Avengers assemble in UK cinemas on 27 April 2012. Start counting off the days…

George Wales

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