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New Battlestar Online Spin-Off

Syfy is working on a new web-based Battlestar Galactica series that will follow the exploits of William “Husker” Adama during the Cylon War

There could be a new Battlestar Galactica spin-off series on the way… on the internet. SyFy is developing Blood & Chrome, a new web-based series concentrating on the experiences of a young William “Husker” Adama in the first Cylon War, according to The Chicago Tribune .

Battlestar Galactica and Caprica co-executive producer Michael Taylor will write the series, which will comprise 10 nine-minute-long episodes.

Blood & Chrome is “about a young man’s initiation into war: both the realities of war as fought by soldiers on the ground (and in Battlestars and Vipers), and the somewhat less real version portrayed in the media," according to Taylor.

If the series gets the green light, it will be filmed using green screens and virtual sets, a format that worked for SyFy’s Sanctuary , which was eventually promoted to a real TV series. Apparently, before Battlestar Galactica finished, digital scans were made of all the show’s sets, so that the special-effects team will be able to re-create them – possibly even in 3D.

“I’ve seen the virtual, 3D version of CIC and it's pretty damn cool,” says Taylor. “And yet the movie isn't confined to Galactica. Far from it. It’s a story that will take us to new corners of the Battlestar world (or worlds), and yet it aims to be a very contemporary war movie in a lot of ways. I would say I’m thinking as much of Afghanistan and Iraq – the reality of Hurt Locker , Sebastian Junger’s Restrepo , and similar movies – as I am about about the largely implied past of Battlestar . We're not going to be shying away from R-rated blood and guts and sex. Because this is initially meant to air online, we pretty much have no restrictions in that department.”

The articles states that it’s not yet known if Blood & Chrome would star Nico Cortez, who played young Adama in the Galactica TV movie Razor . The new cast may feature one other character from Razor , but it would feature a mostly new cast.