New Bad Company 2 Onslaught Mode brings the co-op ruckus [VIDEO]

While it's been steadily nipping at MW2's controversy ridden heels, BFBC2’sbiggest shortcoming has been its lack of multiplayer co-op, which DICE hopes to rectify with the upcoming Onslaught Mode DLC. Onslaught Mode will feature the current maps, Valparaiso, Atacama Desert, Isla Inocentes and Nelson Bay, though they’ll be reworked with new mission objectives, AI, and daytime/nighttime lighting.

Onslaught is clearly a response to MW2’s Spec-Ops mode, though we’re not sure if the Onslaught missions will be shorter or longer than the Spec-Ops. Given the substantial size of the maps though, it’s safe to say each mission will have a few objectives, and if it uses the entire map, will certainly take at least 15-20 minutes. Onslaught supports up to 4 players, and each map has a tactical theme like "vehicle warfare" or "infantry assault". It'll be interestingto seewhat the AIwill do if its allowed use of tanks, turrets, and other vehicles.The announcement also mentions that certain maps require “different levels of teamwork”, implying that some of the maps may be more challenging than the rest.

Above: "Alright, if you have to use the bathroom better do it now."

Over in the horse armor department, DICE has also revealed the SPECACT DLC (Only on European PSN at the moment), which gives you the privilege of paying $2.00 per kit (or $5.50 for all of them) to get somefashionable new camo uniforms and reskinned camo weapons. You could argue that the new camo may make you more difficult to see on certain maps, which raises that bristly question of whether players paying for extra DLC shouldget a realin-game advantage.

Given this new DLC and the just implemented patch (opens in new tab) that tweaked some weapons and glitches, it's a great time to fire up BFBC2 and get a few rounds in. I could've made a bad pun there about "getting rounds in your opponents", you know, like shootingthem,but I'm better than that.

May 12, 2010

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