New Assassin's Creed trailer takes you back to Constantinople

We're just one week away from Assassin's Creed: Revelations, which promises to be the most revelatory entry in the game's relatively short history. Today, Ubisoft has released what is likely one of the last trailers for the game, this time showing off the new location: Constantinople.

Life is complicated in the heart of the Ottoman Empire. The city is massive and absurdly wealthy, making it a prime location for conflict between the many factions that are vying for power. And that's the least of the city's problems - there's also the omnipresent threat of the Templar, whose influence is constantly growing, and, of course, there's that a guy in a white cloak running around rooftops murdering guards. He also randomly drops down and stabs people with poisionious daggers just because he thinks it's funny to see them flail around. What a jerk.

For as excited as we are for this game (and we're very excited), we have to admit that the locations are starting to all look sort of the same. Sure, Constantinople and Rome are very different, but we're ready for a completely new location and era. Maybe somewhere less... sandy and brown. Maybe.

Hollander Cooper

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