New Alan Wake 2 patch fixes several progress-blocking bugs and makes Alex Casey stop "t-posing menacingly"

Alan Wake 2
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A new Alan Wake 2 patch comes with more than 100 fixes, some of which address serious progress-blocking bugs. In one case, Remedy says the Coffee World area from an early chapter of the game is simply "more fun" now.

While undeniably acclaimed and a dark horse contender for GOTY 2023, Alan Wake 2 has had its share of technical issues on all platforms since launch. Remedy has been hard at work releasing patches, but reports from players running into bugs ranging from silly to game-breaking linger.

The latest Alan Wake 2 patch, released Thursday, introduces another laundry list of fixes, and while a lot of them are for silly stuff like "Alex Casey t-posing menacingly", a bunch of them are designed to address some of those aforementioned serious bugs.

In the full patch notes, Remedy says "the critical issues blocking progress in the Scratch (A New Plan) mission and misbehaving in the Espresso Express in Local Girl (Coffee World) have been resolved."

As well as global fixes promising "general bugfixes and additional polish," along with fixes for "multiple localization issues," the new patch has some platform-specific fixes as well. On Xbox, players can expect less of an issue with audio cutting out or missing entirely. PS5 players should also have fewer audio issues and crashes related to the Share Play feature.

Some highlights from the mission-specific list of fixes include:

  • "Fixed an issue where players were unable to talk to Casey after the autopsy and thus being blocked from progressing in the mission."
  • "Made Coffee World more fun. Fixed an issue where cups from Slow Roaster were not showing and where carriages from Espresso Express blocked player progress."
  • "Fixed an issue where players were unable to talk to FBC agent Estevez and come up with a New Plan to progress the mission."
  • "Saga should not end up in Dark Place after the point of no return."
  • "Fixed an issue where players could get their progress blocked if changing to another case."

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