Alan Wake 2 gets a patch full of bug fixes, and a "significantly friendlier error message," as console and PC players report technical issues

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Alan Wake 2 launched last week to largely stellar reviews (with our own Alan Wake 2 review giving it top marks) as well as a not-insignificant number of reports from players experiencing technical issues on both PC and console. Today, we have fresh patch notes from Remedy Entertainment promising bug fixes as well as visual and UI improvements on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

You can read the full patch notes here but, fair warning, they aren't very detailed or specific. Across all platforms are "bugfixes" with no mention of any particular glitches that are being fixed. There is one detailed note on Xbox Series X/S that says "an issue where players could get stuck in interacts and not exit" will be fixed, but other than that, folks encountering certain technical issues will just have to play and hope it's been sorted out.

Also included in the Xbox version of the patch are fixes for "multiple visual issues" and "multiple UI-related issues." Meanwhile, PS5 and PC players can expect "localization fixes" and, amusingly, the PC update will introduce a "significantly friendlier error message when third-party software stops the game from starting."

At the time of writing, one of only two pinned threads on the Alan Wake subreddit is a discussion around the game's myriad bugs and assorted technical issues. Some of the most commonly reported issues include audio and visual problems, soft locks at various points in the story, stuttering and FPS drops, and gameplay glitches. A senior community manager at Remedy going by Vida told Redditors to submit bug reports here and assured the studio is "working on fixing bugs as we speak."

There's a lot going on in Remedy's latest, so arm yourself with these Alan Wake 2 tips before diving in.

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