Netflix’s new #1 show Red Rose is being called It Follows meets Black Mirror

Red Rose
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British horror series Red Rose has been climbing Netflix’s streaming charts as viewers discover the gripping eight-part drama. The premise follows a group of smartphone-obsessed school leavers who find themselves in a terrifying situation when a mysterious app holds them hostage.

The series, which was originally broadcast on the BBC in August 2022, has been getting a second life after being added to Netflix. Red Rose is currently in the top spot of the streamer’s most-watched series chart in the UK and is in the third position on the worldwide chart, only beaten by You and The Law According to Lidia Poët.

Viewer reviews have been mostly positive too, with plenty of comparisons to the Netflix series Black Mirror, as well as horror movies like It Follows and Final Destination. "If you like Black Mirror, I’d acc recommend watching Red Rose on Netflix," wrote one fan. "Same type beat and a quick series watch."

"Ok #RedRose on #netflix initially felt like It Follows meets Black Mirror but the more episodes go by the more layers appear," added a second. "It's pretty good. Very curious where it's actually going story-wise." While a third wrote: "Red Rose is just Pretty Little Liars meets Final Destination."

Another fan tweeted: "This Red Rose show on Netflix is 10/10. Especially if you like Black Mirror." A fifth Netflix subscriber added that they "can’t stop watching," writing: "3 episodes deep in Red Rose on @netflix and this show has already made some really bold choices and been creepy af."

However, not all viewers have loved the new show, with a big difference between Rotten Tomatoes scores. While the critic verdict has the show at 100% based on 12 reviews, audience reviews average at 58%, with some criticizing the show’s ending.

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