A new Norwegian Netflix movie is creeping up streaming charts – and it’s got glowing reviews

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While it might have fallen under your radar, new Netflix movie Narvik has been proving a hit with viewers. The World War Two drama has been getting great reviews and has been creeping up the streaming platform charts.

Set in April 1940, the movie tells the story of the small Northern Norway town of Narvik. As the source of iron ore for Hitler’s war machine, the eyes of the world are on them, especially as a fierce winter could mean trouble for the German leader.

Viewers have been loving the movie so far as well, with it climbing up Netflix’s Top 10 charts since it was released on January 23. It’s even reached the number-one spot in several countries, including Sweden, Belgium, and Denmark.

Writing on Rotten Tomatoes (opens in new tab), one writer concluded that it was "beautifully shot and well written, with tense war [action] scenes and lessons/themes to think about." Another added: "The German attack on the town Narvik was Hitler's first defeat and makes up for a good true story movie," while a third called it "very convincing".

Critics have been positive about the movie too, with Ready Steady Cut’ (opens in new tab)s M.N. Miller saying it is "a stunning-looking war film that’s naturally gripping and does an above-average job playing up the moral dilemmas despite, at times, being frustratingly inert."

Meanwhile, Movie Nation (opens in new tab)’s Roger Moore wrote: "It’s compelling, compact and action-packed, a thriller that begins with testy negotiations and tense stand-offs in the Norwegian port city where Swedish ore was being shipped to both the Germans and the Brits, showing us the difference between Norwegians who chose to surrender to 'save the town' and those who chose to fight."

Decider (opens in new tab) compared the movie to Defiance, calling it a "perfectly serviceable wartime drama". The publication particularly praised character Ingrid’s story as "fascinating", saying it provides "just enough depth to make us feel invested in the outcome".

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